Training hike #2: Big Ben Loop in Fall Creek Unit

Scott had to work today so I did my training hike solo (and in the rain!). This hike is close to home in Felton and very pretty.

The woods were super lush and green from all the recent rain we’ve had
Shoe selfie! These were new shoes (Merrell Moab Ventilators) that I tried out for the first time on this hike. I liked them, but did get small heel blisters! 

This is the tree I was aiming for (Big Ben). Not because I’m very impressed by big trees anymore (jaded from 6 years in Santa Cruz?). BUT it was great because I ate lunch inside the tree sheltered from the rain.

The water was high and the weather couldn’t make up its mind, so the woods were a gorgeous mix of sun and fog and rain 


  • 9 miles
  • 2000 feet of elevation gain
  • Highest elevation: 1900 feet
  • Number of times I ended up ankle deep in the river: 2

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